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  • May 06, 2017

Youtube cover banner template

Continuing with the tools for Youtube is that in this post I will show you how I have created the header for the channel of another of our projects, so that you can apply it to yours.

As you may have already noticed, the header of Youtube adapts to the size of each device, and if we do not know the measurements it needs to be displayed correctly on each one, making a cover that looks good on all of them can be a real hassle.

To avoid those problems I will show you what I have learned to solve them, making a cover for the channel of some friends.

For this, we will use Photoshop.

In this post you will find:

Let’s go there:

Size of Youtube banner.

We will create a new document with the official measurements of the header provided by Youtube, this will be: 2560 x 1440 pixels.

youtube header measures

Right in the middle we mark a selection of 2560 x 423 pixels, for this we use the rectangular frame tool, in style we change to fixed size and place these measurements. Right in the middle we mark a selection of 2560 x 423 pixels, for this we use the rectangular frame tool, in style we change to fixed size and place these measurements.

rectangular frame tool  

Paint the selection in any color with the paint bucket tool for the first guide.

visible space youtube

This first guide will mark the viewable space for widescreen devices, like our desktop computer.

  • We will make another selection, this will be 1835 x 423 px and we will align it to the center again.

This guide will indicate the visible area on tablets.

  • The last selection we will mark will be a block of 1546 x 423 pixels, which we will also align to the center. This is our safe zone. This smallest measure corresponds to mobile devices, and is the one that can be seen by any device.


So, the guide layer would look like this:


visible area for youtube



Create Youtube header.

We change the opacity of the guide layer to 20%

In a new layer (> Layer-> New Layer), we will integrate the elements that will make up our cover. At this point we can be more free and creative, since you can place whatever you want as long as you are aware of the visibility zones that we have marked.

We change the order of layers by placing the guide layer on top of the new layer.

We will work on the new layer.

  • In this layer I will mark a long block of orange color. I made this block similar to the first guide block.



  • The next thing I will do is drag an image that I have prepared. This image is in png, which would allow me to resize it without losing detail if needed.

insert image in youtube banner  

  • Next I will integrate a couple of text boxes to write down the name of the channel and some brief descriptions, trying to respect the guidelines that we draw. For this we use the Horizontal Text tool and drag the text blocks in the desired area.

horizontal text tool

  • We align the elements until we are satisfied with the result.

banner with text on youtube cover

  • When this is the case, deactivate the visibility of the guide layer (click on the eye).

Save channel cover

  • To save it, we will go to File-> Save for Web.

youtube header save for web


On this screen we will select JPEG 100% and click on Save.

How to upload the cover to Youtube.

  • In our YouTube channel we will click on the pencil icon that will appear in the upper right side of the banner on the cover, the option «Modify channel design»


modify youtube channel design

  • We will select «Upload Photos» and we will choose the image that we have just created, locating the folder in which we have stored it.


upload header photo of youtube channel

  • At the end of loading the image, a view will appear with the variations between devices. If we did it well we will love the result and we will see it without problems.

If you did not like the framing, you can adjust it from “Adjust Crop”

adjust trim layout youtube view

  • When you are ready press «Select»

At the end we will see our new cover shining in the head of the channel!

How ​​are you? You like?

For this example I have shown you our channel design work «El Regio Común» a Podcasting channel with very interesting stories to listen to.

If you want to see the cover of our youtube channel, made with this same tutorial, come see it, there are more guides to help you.

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Also, find more design resources for your covers ** in our ** [Recursos] section(, there are loads of things that will be useful to you.



Any question that arises, leave it to me in the comments, also Let us see your channel! we would like you to share the link in this your community.

Have a lot of fun designing your channel!


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