Free advertising for facebook and your social networks.

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  • Sep 07, 2020

Pages to create free advertising for facebook and your social networks.

** The visual impact ** of the message that we try to communicate when creating or scheduling instagram posts, posts on Facebook and other social networks, is vitally important to ** achieve maximum visibility and reach the audience we expect. * * The main problems that we find ourselves at that point are the lack of knowledge in this matter, the lack of trained personnel to create these messages, or not having the necessary resources and tools. That is why in this post I am sharing a ** collection of tools and resources ** so that, without being a designer, you can present your visual content with a more professional appearance. With them you can:

  • Create images for facebook posts
  • Create headers for facebook
  • Create post for twitter
  • Headers for Youtube channel
  • Headers for LinkedIn
  • Post templates on the Pinterest board

And much more! Go for it.

Tools to create publications for your social networks.


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If you want to make ** designs for your brand in a matter of minutes **, Relay is for you. Simply choose a template, colors and fonts, and integrate the elements that will go into your ad so that it is automatically converted to the size of the image format of the social network you need. It includes post formats of different dimensions, templates for facebook covers, youtube and twitter headers, pinterest and linkedIn covers. Ir a Relay  

Quotes Cover


It’s a simple tool to ** create a high resolution visual version of your phrases **. It puts at your disposal a large selection of elements such as templates, backgrounds and text formats for the creation of your images. Ir a QuotesCover



If you find Photoshop very complex or do not have it on hand, PicMonkey is for you. ** It is a complete online image editor that offers resources for editing your photos, adding text to images, borders, creating collages and templates ** with multiple adaptable formats tailored to your social networks. PicMonkey website    


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This application allows you to insert frames and customizable effects ** to give your images a more attractive look, which can be immediately shared on your social networks. Iphone application.    


aviary app

Aviary is another very simple and easy to use mobile image editing option. It includes 12 free effects, adjustment of brightness and contrast of images and aesthetic corrections, allows the insertion of text and borders and the possibility of sharing the image immediately on social networks.

Aviary for iPhone.

Aviary for Android  

I hope you find these tools useful for creating content for all your social networks. If you know of any other tool that can serve that purpose please mention it in the comments, so we all increase this knowledge base.

La fotografía paso a paso. Michael Langford.

Este libro, tanto si es tu primer acercamiento a la fotografía con cámara réflex, o te has vuelto muy diestro por tus propios medios, te será sumamente útil para adentrarte en los conceptos y técnicas usadas en la fotografía profesional, de forma fácil, comprensible y detallada.

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  • Oct 07, 2020
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Mejora el ranking de tu Facebook fanpage.

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